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The weather has been difficult–either too cold or too wet–for  local growers the last couple of months, reducing  the availability of seasonal vegetables.

Looking for something to cook a couple of nights ago I found some courgettes and peppers from a trip to the supermarket and remembered a recipe inspired by Delia Smith and featured in my cookbook, Delicious Dishes for Diabetics.

Delia calls it Roast Ratatouille and includes cherry tomatoes and aubergines [eggplant]–but a simpler version is worth a go, I thought….

It was a tasty and healthy supper–served it on a bed of quinoa with a yogurt sauce.

for four

3 courgettes

3 red peppers

3 sweet/red onions–quartered

2 garlic cloves–chopped

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper

set the oven to 240C/460F

  • cut up the vegetables in largish chunks.
  • Put them in a bowl, add the oil and sprinkle  over the garlic.
  • Turn everything over carefully to coat the vegetables with the oil.
  • Line a shallow oven tray with foil.
  • Brush the foil with olive oil.
  • Empty the bowl onto the tray and spread the vegetables evenly over it.

  • Put the tray on the top level of the oven.
  • Roast for 20minutes or until the vegetables are nicely charred–(not burnt!)

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