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kitten contemplating...

Sitting here with a little chap on the arm of the chair–who just moved onto my tum!

He’s eaten his first meal of the New Year and is purring loudly.

I’m telling him I have to get up and make porridge for the patient–but he pays no attention.

Noises off prick up his ears and he moves to the other arm of the chair.

“Could be that grumpy cat who keeps growling or could be something I’ve never seen before and needs investigating.”

Back on my tummy he decides my left hand needs a thoroughly licking–“this guy hasn’t bathed yet and it’s nearly ten!”.

The tickle of the rough tongue on the back of my hand makes me get up and light the gas under the porridge pot.

I set the tray and he checks out the cat bowls–just in case he’d missed something.

The first day of the New Year is on its way–up and running.

Scamper and hide.

Arch and jump.

Tap-tap-tap the ball and crouch. 

For Beau everyday is a new start and that could be my first resolution–start each day like Beau!

He is without question unlike any other cat…!

I arch and scamper upstairs with the tray…!

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