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lamb chopper

We had these the night before last. Meredith had a yen and Monsieur Fraisse, the butcher, had the chops–there were four of them waiting on display in Lautrec. I said they had our names on them–he looked puzzled!

(The photos are from a previous meal)

Serves 2

The timing for cooking depends on the thickness of the chops.

4 lamb chops

4 tbsp olive oil

Bay leaves/rosemary/thyme – any one or all three

A couple of cloves of garlic – finely sliced

2 lemons

salt and pepper

  • Leave the chops to bathe in the oil, herbs, garlic and the juice of one of the lemons for a couple of hours.
  • Heat a grill to hot.
  • Place the chops on it and leave for 3 minutes without moving.
  • Turn over and salt and pepper the uncooked side.
  • Cook for a further 3 minutes. For a pinkish finish, the chop should spring back after you press it gently with your finger.
  • Quarter the second lemon and offer the pieces for squeezing over the succulent chops

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