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Ben—the vet said yesterday—is 8 months old.

She can tell by his teeth.

He went in for his vaccination.

Little chap was not happy to leave in his cat carrier.

What are you doing?—I thought you loved me!

So our little kitten is more of a cat than we thought, albeit a small cat.

He still behaves like a kitten though.

His kitten-like size affords him vantage points from which to launch into fresh scrapes.

From under a chair or chest of drawers–too low for Beau now–two eyes, just visible, peek a look, waiting for the moment Beau turns his back and starts to walk away.

Bad move, Beau!

A small black streak hurls itself into the danger zone–reckless, apparently fearless and is grappled onto its back by a heavyweight, as Beau uses of his superior size to takes advantage.

Things sometimes go too far and it takes a sharp clap of the hands from the “referee” to part the wrestling bundle.

They both draw back–to their “corners” as it were–to wait for the “bell” to start the next “round”–in a game where wiles match weight.

Ben, small in body–for now–is a sweet soul; a cuddler and a nudger.

Beau is more stand-offish–except when it’s time to eat! More of a teenager, reluctant to engage–except in wrestling bouts with his ever eager “brother”.

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