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This vote for Brexit has shocked me.

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I’ve been trying to write something about it since Friday.

This blog has been carefully non-political (I’ve been tempted on occasion though!) but I feel I have at least to acknowledge that it has taken place.

Yesterday’s attempt was a bit of a rant–and my in-house editor took a red pencil to it!

It helped though, to have had a bit of a rant–like shouting in the car with the windows up.


I wrote to a friend yesterday:

We are devastated here after the result.

Still in shock–it’s hard to take in, like the death of a friend.
It’s the never-no-more part–the finality of it.
Working out the details will take years, but our withdrawal from the grand project that has kept the peace in Europe for 70 years is shameful and dangerous.
It is already unravelling in terms of delivering what the “leavers” wanted.
Well, it “remains” to be seen how it will play out.
The way people vote often has an element of self interest.
We live in France and are anxious to know how this will affect our situation.
(An added frustration was the fact that we did not have the right to vote–as we have lived abroad for over 15 years.)
This decision was too important to be decided by a simple majority vote!

Simple majority votes are fine for general elections–when the result can be reversed in five years– but this decision is forever.

I may have to get back in the car….




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