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That’s it–we’re done!

Our last flight was yesterday to Snowmass/Aspen for a couple of days rest staying with friends before flying toLondon via Dallas .

Our six city adventure comes to a close with two book signings in the Bay Area.

Thursday evening in Palo Alto’s branch of Books Inc–a small independent chain of bookstores maybe forty people were gathered in this generous space set up by the very welcoming staff.

And Friday night at The Booksmith on Haight Street in  San Francisco, where a friendly crowd sent us off with smiles on our faces and a suitcase full of good wishes.

What a place to finish–historic Haight–where it was at in the 60’s.

New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Three and a half weeks of heavy duty travel–we’re pooped and Meredith has a heavy cold, but WHAT a trip.

On the flight from San Francisco were several disabled military veterans heading for the slopes and their annual Spring Break week–over four hundred of them will be here for the launch tomorrow.

I just had a chat with one of them–sitting on a bench in the sun.

Injured in Iraq in 2004–he’d been through forty six operations–battled with military doctors who said he’d never walk again–won through to ski for the first time here in 2006 and has been coming to this remarkable reunion week every year since.

“I can ski now–standing up!” he said.

I had to bite my lip and forgot my tiredness.

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