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Sunrise over Chesapeake Bay–Wednesday morning.

Birds squabble round the bird feeder–many varieties, searching for food while the snow still lies on the ground.

Cardinals, Blue Jays, Grackles, a Red Headed Woodpecker, Sparrows, Finches.

In the bay, close to the house, a pair of Herons and four majestic Tundra Swans in stately procession.

A single gull knocks on the door.

“Any spare scraps ‘dbe welcome,” then circles away when there is no response.

Canada geese called by yesterday–a rare visitation we are told.

A host of black birds swirl in from the side and threaten to sweep the smaller fry off the picture.

Our indignant host gets up and the invaders retreat, to bide their time in the trees a little to the side.

“This is the eighteenth snowfall we’ve had this winter.”

“Is that standard?”

“Normally we have two or three!”

No wonder the bird feeder is popular!

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