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Much of the language of the Internet is still a mystery to me.

But with a little research I discover that a Rich Site Summary (RSS) helps you Easily Stay Informed of the Regularly Changing Content of a web site or blog!

You can save time by not having to visit a particular site each day–anything new gets delivered by email automatically.

Signing up for this service is simple (famous last words!).

On the top right corner of my home page, it says Feeds: Posts and Comments.

To receive the posts, click on the word Posts; this takes you to another page where you click on the button saying “subscribe now” and hey presto!

If you also click on “Comments”, you will receive the remarks of other readers and occasionally my responses. (Same process, you will be taken to another page where you click on a button saying “Subscribe Now”.)

It’s a learning curve–or a nightmare, depending on your mood!

I hope I haven’t ruined your day!

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