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Jack posed this question yesterday in a comment and it is not an unreasonable one. It made me think about the new language of the internet, which sometimes seems like webspeak gobbledigook!

I put the above question into Google and found this on one site:

Any user-posted root node is subject to moderation.

Moderation refers to two possible changes in a node’s status:

  1. Approval of a node into the selected section of the site;
  2. Front-Paging a node, i.e. allowing it to be listed on the main page.
  3. Note that a node cannot be “front-paged but unapproved”.

Silly me I should have knowd!

I think I understand what is meant but wouldn’t plain english explain it better?!

Moderation has other meanings and there are  jollier definitions:

“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”

Oscar Wilde

“Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice”

Thomas Paine

Moderation is the inseparable companion of wisdom, but with it genius has not even a nodding acquaintance”–[Oh dear!]

Charles Caleb Colton: (English sportsman and writer, 1780-1832)

“Throw moderation to the winds, and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains”


This definition is from wikipedia:

Moderation is a principle of life. In ancient Greece, the temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription Meden Agan (μηδεν ἀγαν) – ‘Nothing in excess’. Doing something “in moderation” means not doing it excessively. For instance, someone who moderates their food consumption, tries to eat all food groups, but limits their intake of those that may cause deleterious effects to harmless levels.

This I can understand!

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