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An air of resignation? Fishmonger comes on Friday…

Our walk round the lake last Sunday reminded me of trout and that we have not eaten much fish this winter–just haven’t fancied it.

I checked a list of recipes to try this morning and found trout featuring strongly.

So a visit to our Friday market fishmonger in Lautrec–the more reliable Pascal–yielded two very fresh (clear-eyed) trout from the Pyrenees.

Home James!–and get out the organic bacon from the fridge–an ounce per trout suffices, sliced into dice!

The smokiness of the bacon nicely informs the finished taste.



2 fresh-as-fresh-can-be trout–kept whole, cleaned (innards removed) and patted dry with kitchen paper

2 oz smoked bacon (you could use unsmoked, of course)

1 tbs olive oil

2 garlic cloves–peeled and chopped

2 tbs chickpea flour or wholewheat flour

salt and pepper

With a sharp knife make three short slashes through the skin each side of each trout–taking care not to cut the flesh.


Spread the flour on a large plate and season it with salt and pepper.

Turn each fish in the flour and shake off any residual flour–season the cavity with pinches of salt and pepper.



They are ready to cook.

Heat the oil in a fry pan large enough to take the trout and add the bacon.

Sauté over a low heat until it yields some fat and starts to color and crisp a little.

Add the garlic.


Place the trout on top of the bacon bits and the garlic.


Cook on a lowish heat for about six minutes each side–depending on the size of the fish.





Meanwhile,  back at the lake….




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