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The Greeks are on our minds this week.

I have a vague memory of lunch in a taverna with a view of Cap Sounion in Greece–must have been in 1966. I was 24.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 7.25.54 PM

 I had gone there with a friend, after a punishing 18-month-stint at the old Playhouse in Salisbury. (We squeezed into a Fiat 600 and drove all the way.)


We ordered lamb chops and salad and started on the retsina.

Out came a large serving plate completely covered in lamb chops–grilled with olive oil and rosemary with feta cheese sprinkled over.

The generosity of the serving was memorable.

This was followed by another large plate of tomato and onion salad.


for 2

4 lamb chops

sprigs of rosemary

2 garlic cloves–crushed and peeled

juice of a lemon

olive oil

for the salad

4 tomatoes–ripe as can be–sliced

1 large spring onion–sliced

olive oil

2oz feta cheese–broken up

Bathe the chops in two tablespoons of olive oil and the lemon juice; add the garlic and the rosemary.

Turn it all over and marinade for a couple of hours.

Heat a grill pad to hot.

Remove the chops from the marinade and season well with salt and pepper.

Place them on the grill pad and turn the heat down a little.


Cook them for 3 minutes.

Turn them over and repeat.


You can cut into one of the chops to check “doneness”.

“Doneness” is down to personal choice–we like it pinkish.

Arrange the chops on a favorite platter and sprinkle with feta and olive oil.


Assemble the salad on a serving plate, season with salt and pepper and bathe in olive oil.


We ate our fill of lamb chops and tomato and onion salads that trip and drank a vat of retsina–at sixpence a litre.

(It is remarkable that I remember anything!)

This is making me feel like booking flights and heading off to support the Greeks, search out  that taverna and have lunch…



…naughty Lord Byron scratched his name in the ancient stone of the temple of Poseidon.

If you look carefully to the right of Byron, you’ll spot an equally naughty namesake of mine.

Not guilty, M’lud–honest!



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It’s  “summer“–though it felt more like March this weekend.

(“We had our summer in May,” said my egg supplier in the market early Saturday morning.)

It’s the busy season of guests–and the unexpected.

It was brighter Sunday morning and we took our visitors from Washington D.C., Irv and Iris, to Lautrec for lunch with two other friends.

Café Plum  (charming bookstore/café, a touch of the Left Bank in Lautrec) was finding it a challenge being popular.

A table of twelve had just ordered when we arrived.

We waited twenty minutes, and then were told, politely, it would be another twenty if we wanted to eat!

The six of us decided a salad in the courtyard chez nous might be a better bet–though we might be chasing the sun.

Iris and I got back first.

“Shall I make a tomato salad?”

“Good idea,” I said.

Iris and Meredith had picked some of our tomatoes Saturday evening–five varieties–for  a taste test.

Plenty were ripe, despite the weather. (Do they get tired of waiting for the sun and say to themselves: “time to go red?“.)

They cut them up in bite-size chunks and arranged them on a pretty plate with salt & olive oil for the sampling.

Delicious!”– though some were sweeter than others.

Certainly good enough for a quickly improvised salad.

To go with the sweet tomatoes, Iris found black olives and buffalo mozzarella in the fridge, added some torn basil, thinly sliced red onion and sunflower seeds (dry roasted).

She dressed this good-looking mix with Tuscan olive oil (Liquid Gold) made by our friends, Keith & Helen.

We had it with tuna salad (A saucy tuna lunch for two), slices of melon and Parma ham, followed by local cheese.

We poured out more of our favourite everyday red– Gaillac’s Clément Termes and continued the animated chat.

Next time we go Café Plum we’ll make sure we pip “the party of twelve” to the post!

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