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The fight goes on to get kids eating more healthily, which is good for them, their future health and welfare and is ultimately a money saver on health costs.

This piece by Mark Bittman from The New York Times  addresses the fight over ensuring school children get healthy school lunches and speaks to the heart of the problem of child and adult obesity that besets populations worldwide.

British cooking guru and author Jamie Oliver comes up against the same difficulties–and fights on.


…We are in a public health crisis largely brought about by the consumption of sugar and hyperprocessed carbs. It’s fine to scream “don’t eat as many of them,” but that message can’t possibly match the power of the billions of dollars spent annually by an industry ($400 million a year on marketing soda to teens alone) encouraging us to consume more. Government’s proper role is to protect us, and this would be a fine way to start.

…Healthy food initiatives threaten profits and are therefore fought or deflected or co-opted at all costs by the producers of hyperprocessed food. This is true even when those costs include producing an increasingly sick population — and a disproportionate number of defenseless children — and an ever-growing portion of our budget spent on paying for diet-related illness. Big Food will continue to pursue profit at the expense of health as long as we let them.


At Jean Jaures College in our local town, a glance at the lunch menu seems to confirm that an effort is being made–though the day we visited we were not invited to sample for ourselves!


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I was lucky growing up in the fifties, neither of my parents took sugar in tea or coffee–spoilt the taste they insisted.

Like a good son, I copied them and in spite of Ma’s talent for baking–coffee cakes and flapjacks were unrefusable offers at “tea-time”–I didn’t develop the raging sweet tooth some people have to feed.

So the changes I made after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes thirteen years ago were minimal and not really painful.

“Out with the whites” (refined carbohydrates like white rice, white pasta, white bread)–an earlier post–became the rule and I don’t miss ’em!

I prefer wholewheat pasta, brown basmati rice and whole rye bread–I prefer the taste I mean.

And of course I don’t drink artificially sweetened soft drinks, though I remember in the fifties enjoying my share of something colored red called TIZER, bought in large bottles from “The Tuck Shop” in Highgate Village after school.

I was doubly lucky it turns out, according to this piece from The Guardian:


I was brought up before the development of high-fructose corn syrup (H-FCS) produced in the 1970s from a glut of corn.

This readable article is an introduction to a three-part TV series to be shown on BBC2  starting this Thursday evening.  Journalist and film maker Jacques Peretti identifies SUGAR–and in particular the development and wide spread introduction into food and drink products of H-FCS–as villain in the search for why people (especially children) are dangerously overweight these days.

Obesity is strongly linked to the development of Type 2 diabetes in adults–and, more recently, also  in children.

(Meredith just told me that her father restricted her to one bottle of Coca-Cola a day in the fifties but lifted the order when Diet Coke was introduced. Game, Set and Match to Coca-Cola!!)

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