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Short walks after meals–15 minutes (’round the block’)–help with digestion and lowering sugar levels.
So says Diabetics UK, reporting on a study carried out at George Washington University. It found these walks particularly beneficial to older adults at a high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.
The report recommends a walk after every meal–i.e. three a day–ambitious!
Nonetheless we took the hint and made a start.
We set out on a short walk with the two “rascals”,  Beau and Benafter supper

though with is pushing it a bit….
 (A post-prandial it used to be called when I was growing up.)
After a bouncy start Beau developed a lumpen plod, tail down “wish I hadn’t come on this stupid walk” attitude, like a recalcitrant teenager–every step taken under protest.
Ben played the game and entertained with moments of sleek black speed running–effortless elegance.
They both made it to the turn-around point–the entrance to our neighbors’ property–and were visibly bucked when they clocked that the return journey was downhill all the way.
OK not so bad this post prandialating!
The next night we took a different route.
Down the field opposite–late sunflower plants just breaking the surface and garlic high–about to be harvested.
Both cats were happier with the new downward trajectory.
They reached the stream at the bottom of the field in leaps and bounds–downhill racers.
Then a right turn, following the line of the stream towards the road–on the flat. Oh so happy cats!
OK not so bad this post prandialating!
Ben on safari stalking through the garlic shoots–Beau rear–guarding, not sure what the game is.
Then they hit the road again–going uphill.
Oh dear–what goes down has to climb up–end of frolic–might give it a miss tomorrow–all very well this post prandialating; might be good for those old folks….
Well the old folks are profiting nicely from these short perambulations–thanks very much my beauties. Sleeping more deeply for one thing!
Last night the rascals made an appearance in the driveway as we set off, but it’s clear that their reluctance to go the distance is growing in the same proportion as our enthusiasm for it.
Beau was lying in the road waiting for us as we came back and Ben was doing mini streaks along the cemetery wall.
Each to their own!

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