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She’s “the cat in the hen coop” from the previous post…

The guilty party exits the scene.

…and sister of Marmalade–both “gingers” of course, and never been separated; also known as “little Mother” because she had a litter at 11 months.

She’s fearless and is sometimes found in the meadow behind the house sitting in the centre of a circle of cows.

“I called you all here today….”.

She loves to drink from a source of running water and will balance on the rim of a sink, leaning in to drink from the swan-neck tap.

Once when we were having a new septic tank dug, the man with the digger sliced through the water mains and the back was flooded.

As we stood calculating the damage, a face peeked round the corner of the back door….

“I hear there’s been a bit of an accident!”

There’s always a silver lining …

She can be a solitary soul–expert at finding a quiet corner to curl up in.

"I want to be alone..."

She loves a clean-smelling cardboard box, a woolly pullover just back from the cleaners or a cherished bowl.

Most of her 12 years she’s been a plump pussy–too plump we’ve often worried–always keen to do a celebratory roll for you.

On an evening stroll up to the farm she’ll join with a headlong dash.

But lately the tail is down and she’s light to lift.

“She’s not well”, the vet said yesterday and prescribed her a course of antibiotics.

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