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There are two very simple salmon fillet recipes in Delicious Dishes for Diabetics–published a couple of days ago in the USA–hooray!and in August in the UKhooray 2!.

Quentin Blake the illustrious illustrator of children’s books offered this slow-cooked way with salmon (and a very simple Sea Bass recipe–also in the book) in a “What’s your favourite recipe? ” magazine piece some  years ago–sadly unillustrated!

The slowness is the key to the succulent mouth-watering result!

for 2

2 fillets of salmon–skin left on and weighing about 180–200g/6–7 oz each

salt and pepper

  • Run your finger over the surface of the fillets to check for bones.
  • Rinse the fillets and pat them dry.
  • Place them in a sauté pan skin side down.
  • Without any oil added to the pan, cook them over the lowest possible heat for about 20 minutes or until you see the lower half becoming opaque.
  • Season with salt and pepper then cover the pan.
  • Continue cooking about another ten minutes until a creamy white juice oozes onto the surface of the fillets, indicating they are done.
  • So about 30 minutes for the whole process–depending on the thickness of the fillets.
  • Swiss chard or spinach goes well and lends a lovely contrast in colour.

We had some little silver grey lentils too for lunch just now; I love them–though they can be “windy”!

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Our friend, Sonia, called by with husband John yesterday to buy an extra cook book autographed for a friend.

She’s a green-fingered gardener and a generous spirit–seldom arriving without something seasonal from her vegetable patch. Yesterday she brought us two HUGE tomatoes, and a round courgette.

How on earth did she know about our new resolve!?

She also brought enough basil to make pesto (recipe from the cook book)–a favorite with Meredith–which was delicious, drizzled lightly over the grilled aubergine and courgettes for supper:

No wine! We kept the pledge--but it was hard.

Now–what to do with the two red beauties…?

One weighed in at a pound and a half (700 grams)! A sauce, perhaps…?

A sliced tomato salad and pesto again, with the other (a puny pound or 450gms)?

Some of the left-over Parma ham, lightly grilled, and Sonia’s courgette–cut into thick rounds, lightly salted and left to drain for half an hour, dried and brushed with olive oil, then roasted for 20 minutes at a high heat (turn them over after 10 minutes) with a spoonful of tapinade spread over it this time–will see us through to supper.

A merry mess!

Post lunch, I notice that there’s enough tomato sauce left over to make a small courgette tian for supper.

We’ll be not be wanting courgettes for a couple of days!

But there are plenty of other summer choices and I’ll never tire of red ripe tomatoes….must go check the tomato patch!

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