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Richard Morant who played Dr  Dwight Enys in the first series of Poldark has died suddenly in London after a short illness.

Richard as the good Doctor Enys in Poldark 1975


It is desperately sad news. Though we hadn’t met for many years, we’d remained in tenuous touch. He was coming to support the launch of my cookbook in September, but was thwarted by a huge traffic jam on the way out to Chiswick that evening.

Richard had the most life-confirming giggle of anyone I’ve met. He would say something serious and then after a pause, would collapse in self-deprecating laughter–though there was no doubting his sincerity.

In a recent retrospective TV programme about Poldark, he was asked the reason for its continuing success. This was his eloquent and just reply:

“It’s about love—it’s about betrayal—the things that hurt us– the things that give us joy.”

“Like any kind of creation where people you know are going through their emotions, expressing their feelings of love, life and death–it evokes strong attachments, strong passion and you love it.”

“You love them, you love the people, you cherish them, you honour them, you respect them.”

In an email response to the invitation to my book launch, he wrote:

“Someone sent me a link the other day to a YouTube compilation of me in love scenes with Judy Geeson and others… ahhhhh sweet youth. I laughed and felt sad too.  It still surprises me from emails and letters, the feeling shared that we touched so many people’s hearts with our simple story, and continue to do so. I feel our world then was a much more innocent place.

Bless you Richard.  I was lucky to know you.

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