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Not a captain’s clarion call to arms at the start of the cricket season…*

…but a policy statement from Chef Shep in Chicago.

We met him when visiting Dixie, a spritely 88-year-old family friend of Meredith’s mother, in her elegant retirement home in Glenview on Chicago’s North Shore.

Our clocks were out of kilter from time differences (a lame excuse) and Chef Shepherd had kept the kitchen open for us.

He himself has type 2 diabetes–and was interested to meet me, said Dixie, and see my book.

He took our simple orders–it was late–and my book back to the kitchen as we made our peace and caught up with Dixie.

When he returned a few minutes later with salads for us and a hamburger and chips for Dixie (it’s breaking the rules that keeps her young, it would seem!), he reduced–chef’s lingo– part of the introduction to the book into the simple and memorable phrase “OUT WITH THE WHITES”.

In other words his approach when cooking for the folks with diabetes in the retirement community–and as a principle he follows when cooking for himself–is to avoid refined carbohydrates and potatoes (foods that metabolize too quickly into sugar for those with type 2 diabetics).

So the whites–rice, flour, pasta, bread, are replaced by the browns–wholewheat pasta, bread made with whole grains (rye or wheat), brown rice (basmati, if possible) etc.whole/unrefined alternatives.

I was impressed.

Here is a chef cooking in a corporate context (Hyatt, no less), personally invested in doing the right thing for his clientele of “seniors“.

After her hamburger the ever insouciant Dixie tucked into the chef’s special dessert!

* Not everyone knows that cricket is played in white togs, which makes for a pretty sight on village greens in summer.

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