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Marie A Bright wrote plaintively on Facebook yesterday after the post on Sugar:

What if you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to use sugar? I know artificial sweeteners are no good either but sometimes, you want a bit of sweet. Robin, I know you don’t really have a sweet tooth and you are so lucky but is there anything out there that is natural but not harmful to your health? Thanks.

Without much reflection I suggested a square of 80-90% cacao chocolate, a slice of apple, a dried fig or apricot or a bowl of raspberries. 

It is the season–supposedly! Summer arrives officially in a week, though it’s hard to credit.

I’d bought a small punnet yesterday in a new vegetable & fruit shop in Castres.

They looked good–but not exactly home grown.

But mixed in with some Realmont Market strawberries from a trusted source–they made a colorful addition to my breakfast bowl and lifted the spirits.

Soon after, from somewhere in deep cover in the garden, Meredith announced :

We have raspberries!” Hardly a bowl of them yet, but thanks to the rain and now the sunshine we live in hope.

Beau was on the case too–Watson to Meredith’s Sherlock.

Here’s perhaps more than you need to know about raspberries!

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