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I’ll be seventy tomorrow!

OMG!–I don’t believe it–you must be kidding…!

Three score years and ten–the biblical allowance.

(It gives me pause to think that twenty years ago I was 49 and twenty years before that I was 29 and in twenty years–with a bit of luck and a following wind–I’ll be 89!)

I remember not liking reaching 40–it felt like the end of something.

[Forty is the old age of youth–(Hosea Ballou)].

Seventy doesn’t seem so bad–paradoxically.

Could be that I’m enjoying this new found means of expression–more like a beginning than an ending.

It’s a lottery though and as the French say “on ne sait jamais!” [you never know].

My mother Molly died aged 68 and father Tony, eleven months later–the same age.

Brother Peter was only 58–Meredith’s brother Storm was 60, as was her mother, Dodie.

All of them with more to give, all of them too young.

I’m still here.

“Keep on keeping on…”

And resolve to follow Bob Dylan’s advice to try to–Stay Forever Young!–(at heart that is).


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