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It has rained on and off for the last three days and Serge–one of our young farmer neighbours–has a broad smile on his face in Lautrec market.

“J’imagine que vous êtes content…”

“Tous le monde est content!”

I mention the sunflower fields I have just driven past and how they have sprung back to life.

Patchy and arid looking a few days ago they are now returned to almost normal–serried ranks of small green plants standing proud.

He looks to the heavens and grins, miming sunflowers offering their faces to the rain and drinking deep.

I buy his last 6 eggs and remark on the pile of garlic on the stand–it looks new and I pick up a half kilo.

“Je vais te donne”( “a gift”)–I protest–he insists; I put the truss in my basket beside the eggs–everyone is happy!

There is action too in the garlic fields.

Small groups of workers arrive early and–bending low–slowly work their way through the crop, snipping off the flowers that have appeared after the rainfall.

All the plant’s energy must go into the garlic bulb in the couple of weeks remaining before the harvest.

Now the sun comes out.

The biting north wind has dropped and June feels like June at last!

Tous le monde est content…!

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