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Meredith reminded me about this pasta a couple of days ago.


Our friend Hilton introduced us to this dish years ago (like me, he too is a fan of Marcella Hazan).

My version is a slight twist on her original–(using olive oil instead of butter and adding the lemon zest).

It’s the quickest, delicious pasta I have ever had–and so simple!

The sauce is made in 5 minutes while the pasta is cooking.

for 2

a large pan of water

100gms/4oz of wholewheat spaghetti–Meredith thinks that a flat pasta like fettucini would catch the sauce better–hard to find wholewheat fettucini though
three sprigs of fresh rosemary

4 tablespoons olive oil
3  garlic cloves–pulped
1 vegetable stock cube (I use organic)–crumbled
the zest a lemon

2 tablespoons parmesan–grated.

some chopped  parsley to add at the end–for the look.

  • Cook the spaghetti in the salted water until al dente–or to your taste.
  • Meanwhile heat the oil in a small sauce pan and on a low heat cook the rosemary and garlic until the garlic begins to colour–about 5 minutes.
  • Add the crumbled stock cube, stir thoroughly–and turn off the heat.
  • Drain the pasta and put it in a warm bowl.
  • Strain the oil through a sieve and add it to the pasta with the cheese.
  • Turn it all over to coat the pasta with the oil and sprinkle the lemon zest and parsley on top.
  • We picked the not-too-brown garlic bits out of the sieve and scattered them over the pasts too!

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