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When Acorn Media issued all 29 episodes of Poldark on DVD in the US for the first time a few months ago their very talented publicity person, Chad Campbell, made sure a copy got into the hands of the multi-talented Los Angeles Times TV critic Robert Lloyd.

He wrote an insightful review of the series  recommending it to anyone suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawal symptoms. It was the best critique the show has ever enjoyed.

My own very talented publicity person/manager/agent/photogragher/travel companion/wife aka Meredith Wheeler, never known to miss a trick, tweeted Robert asking if he’d be interested in interviewing me when we passed through LA.

He said yes and over breakfast in Larchment we spent an agreeable hour-and-a-half chatting mostly about Poldark.

I mentioned that Robert is multi-talented and it’s true. He spent years as a rock musician before settling down with his family in LA.

We discovered during our chat that we were both dedicated Grateful Dead  heads–putting  a date on us!

He promised to e-mail me links to some lesser known Dead recordings–which now we are back home and rested, I’m enjoying.

Just in case there are other DGDHs out there…!

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