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As the New Year comes in–next year’s garlic crop is being planted in the fields around us.


The weather is perfect today for the long and painstaking task–no rain and little wind.

Sitting in threes behind a tractor all day dropping the garlic clove by clove into the holes made by the drill machine is no party! They make it a family and friends affair round us like they do when lifting it in six months time.


They’ll plant as much as they can before the big night’s celebrations later this evening.

New Year is as important here as it is in Scotland.

New Year cards arrive from our neighbours rather than Christmas cards.

I said “Bonne Année!” to a stallholder in the market last Saturday and she was quick to put me right.

“Non, non, Monsieur–on ne dit pas ça jusqu’a la veille. Bonnes fêtes!”

[No, no, Sir, we don’t say that until the evening before. Enjoy the festivals!]

Maybe it’s considered bad luck to wish the year over betimes–makes sense.

De toutes façonsanywaybe that as it may and with no disrespect to our lovely neighbors:

A very Happy New Year to everyone and a big Thank You to you all for supporting this blog. Your responses make it worthwhile. This year with all its ups and downs is one I shan’t forget.

The folk here say when wishing you Bonne Année always add “mais surtout bon santé“–“but above all Good Health“.

Here’s a gentle way to segue into 2013 with the oddly named but charming Unthanks…


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