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Spaghettini marinara

Fisherman’s pasta (marinara translated) from Naples–equally tasty for landlubbers.

Simple fare for summer supper.

Best done with ripe tomatoes–in our case catching the last of a disappointing season–and slices of new garlic.


for 4

16oz/400gms wholewheat spaghettini–(we prefer this unrefined version now.)

1.5lb/750gms fresh ripe tomatoes–peeled and chopped small


4 garlic cloves–peeled and sliced

4 tbsp olive oil

3 large basil leaves or more–snipped into pieces


parmesan for grating

Heat the oil in a medium pan.

Add the garlic and cook for about a minute–it should start to soften.


An earlier version with a chili added–last night I left it out

Add the tomatoes, the salt and over a highish heat bring to a strong simmer.

Cook for about three minutes stirring often to further break up the tomatoes.


Snip some basil over the finished dish, turn it in and add a swirl of olive oil.

Serve with a piece of parmesan and a grater to hand.

One of the great tastes of summer for me–the juices from ripe tomatoes melding with good olive oil; so a soup spoon for scooping them up comes in handy too.

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