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As a kid growing up in the fifties, my ear glued to the radio, I often heard Stanley Holloway (who created the role of Alfred Doolittle in the musical,  My Fair Lady)

A face to make you feel better!

reciting and singing one of his song/monologues called My word you do look queer (which dates it somewhat!)–about a man who gets up in the morning feeling better after an illness.

Making his way to the pub he meets friends who tell him how ill he looks–close to death’s door in fact.

He starts to believe them, but just before he expires he bumps into his old mate Jenkins, who says how bonny he looks–and he realizes he’s not really ill anymore.

I’m having trouble shaking off the aftermath of my cold and woke up with a long face and feeling chesty again. “My word I do feel queer,” I thought.

By happy chance and proving that sometimes  a little outside input can put the spring back in your step, our friend Katherine Talmadge, renowned Washington dietitianwhose  single-minded commitment and energy made the event in Georgetown happen a few weeks back, emailed me a recent post this morning.

She’s in California helping her mother recover from an operation with her healthy cure.

I made my usual breakfast which includes some of the elements recommended by Katherine–yogurt, strawberries, oats, oat milk, a prune, cinnamon–and began to feel better, my face regaining its normal shape.

Thanks Katherine!

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