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“Brown gold”

[this was published but the toadstool fairies censored it for a while!]

Our friend David’s generous gift nearly caused a diplomatic incident at a sun-drenched shindig yesterday!

The unseasonal weather last week (grey skies and downpours) followed by the heat of the last couple of days made for unusual mid-summer sights–roadside stalls selling ceps–not peaches.

David knows where to look in his neck of the woods for these big brown beauties so prized by the locals. They fetch good money in the markets in the autumn. So when my box of treasure was spotted, things got animated…

“–Dangereux–Je vous assure!”

“Bad–Very bad!”–implying poisonous.

Envious by-standers

Dangerous indeed–I had to fight my way out of the party and make a dash for the car. It seems cep-envy can can bring out the worst in people!

They starred at last night’s farewell to Christine and Alice who were leaving [as the good weather hits] and  our friend Roger’s arrival.

Happy to report a hundred percent survival rate this morning!

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