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Something or someone (hard to believe)–is beheading our sunflowers!

There are–or were–four of them self-seeded in the mint bed at the back outside the kitchen.

They made a pretty picture–yellow on green.

Our bees have been enjoying them too–not so far to fly, more like working from home.

Sharing the bed with mint and sage and a couple of tomato plants–also self-seeded.

Three are GONE–the entire flower face cut off, leaving almost no trace on the ground.

It happened overnight.

One plant is left. Will it survive the night?

Could  it be a cow? Can’t be a dog? Is it a werewolf!?

Certainly a Midnight Rambler.

Who or what is the Mystery Muncher of St Martin?

(Meredith S Holmes proposes to put powder on the wall tiles tonight!)

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