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Are they chasing each other or just out for a frolic in the field?

The two hares were tearing across the ground ducking and weaving like rugby players making a break for the line.


March hares!, I remembered!

Then they begin to swerve and stare,

And be as brainless as March hares. (Poem circa 1500)

The chase continued into the adjacent field and then there were three of them!

A third had appeared close behind the pursuer, who turned on a sixpence, leaving the one he’d been after to disappear over the hill and faraway and started a fresh pursuit of the newcomer.

Through the hedge and back into the first field, round and round–March hare-like–until they disappeared out of sight.


A welcome distraction from disappointment.

Just before the hares were spotted, a slip of the hand and crash–down they’d gone.

Habitual breakfast mug and coffee jug crashed to the floor–caput.

Oh no!

Then the clear-up, in a shocked silence, while it sank in that the little brown jug– chipped and cracked from years of service–had poured its last cup….

Handmade by our favorite local potter who has since retired. Irreplaceable. It’s imperfections just added to its charm.


Can’t be fixed.

Are you sure? I said, slotting the two large pieces together–they fitted perfectly.

Our friend, Donald Douglas, Captain McNeil from Poldark days and a neighbour now– is an extraordinarily skillful repairer of people’s cherished crockery.


The missing “chunk” was already in the bin–in too many pieces for even Donald to work his magic.


Clear up and move on!

We said it almost simultaneously and made a fresh pot of coffee in our new “habitual” pot!!



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