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I like a plate of beans–with olive oil swirled over them.

Plate of white beans and olive oil at La Sostanza, Firenze. An aside to their famous artichoke omelette.

There are good quality beans available now in glass jars. Quickly  heated up and plated.

But perhaps you have a packet of dry white beans that may have spent some time on a shelf–daring you to do something about them?

Ever present, silently reproachful, waiting for some action–they can be intimidating!

The sooner they are treated the better and it’s simple this way.

Put half a pound of dry beans in a bowl and cover them with cold water.

Leave to soak overnight.

Heat the oven to 170C/340F.

Drain the beans and rinse them.

Put them into a medium casserole/pot/pan and cover them again with a top-of- the-thumb joint of cold water.

Cover the casserole and bring it to the boil.

Place it on the middle shelf of the oven and leave for 40 minutes.

Test for softness, leaving it longer if necessary–the older the beans, the longer it will take.

Add a teaspoon of salt to the casserole and leave to cool in the liquid.

When you are ready to eat, reheat them in a little of their liquid, adding half an organic vegetable stock cube, crumbled.

Drain the beans and serve them hot. Season to taste with salt and pepper, adding a swirl of the best olive oil you have.

The plate of beans I can do, but the high-sided omelette filled with crispy roasted artichokes still eludes me.

Un de ces jours! 

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