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Waking up near the finish line of the Los Angeles Marathon in Santa Monica.

The Pacific Ocean is at the end of our road!

They’ll start this morning at Dodgers Stadium in downtown Los Angeles and run the twenty six miles plus a few more yards east-west to the water’s edge.

They–the everyday runners–will feel exhausted but exhilarated to have made it to the line.

We can sympathize!

Today’s the start of our last full week; tomorrow we head to Palo Alto and San Francisco for two bookstore signing sessions.

The apricot tree outside our window has little pink and white flowers ready to burst into life against the almost cloudless blue sky.

Los Angeles is herself again after the drenching downpours of yesterday which we thought would put a damper on  the event at Chevalier’s Books in Larchmont village–Angelinos stay home when it rains we were told.

NOT SO!–enough brave souls ventured out to make it a modest sell out.

This evening–a “poignant” Poldark reunion.

Ross meets Elizabeth again after thirty five years.

We are having dinner with Jill Townsend.

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