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Few spring vegetables on the stalls yet.

Asparagus and spring onions, yes–but where are the broad beans?

The rain continues to pour and it’s still cold–making it near impossible for local vegetable growers.

(Our neighbour, Serge’s younger brother told me in Lautrec market this morning that there was a year in the Fifties–he’s too young to remember which–when it rained until September!)


I buy a couple of fat courgettes (Spanish, no doubt) and think to grill them in thick slices on the griddle and top them with scallions/spring onions done the same way.

Could make a pretty picture…


… and go well with the salmon fillets I just bought.

2 plump courgettes–carefully sliced lengthwise, not too finely, lightly salted and left to drain for an hour

1 or 2 plump scallions/spring onions–sliced similarly

2 long chilis–sliced lengthwise

olive oil

salt and pepper

  • Heat the griddle to hot.
  • Mix the the courgettes slices with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Mix the onions and chili with a little less olive oil.
  • Place the courgettes slices on the griddle and leave for five minutes to char and soften.
  • Turn over and repeat the process.
  • When you judge they are done sufficiently remove to a serving plate and grind over some pepper.


  • Distribute the onion and chili mix over the griddle.


  • Grill for about five minutes to soften and char these too.
  • Remove them to the serving plate, season and serve.


  • This lunchtime they made a nice contrast with the salmon fillet cooked slow (see recipe in Delicious Dishes for Diabetics!).

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Food writer Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wrote about this  simple and delicious idea a couple of weeks back.

Not easy to use up all the spring onions/scallions in a bunch and this makes handy use of the stragglers in the fridge.

How many you do depends on the size of your grill–a bunch at a time on an average grill perhaps.

A warning though–once you start eating them it’s hard to stop picking at the pile on the serving plate.

for 2

a couple of bunches of spring onions/scallions

1 tblsp olive oil


a squeeze of lemon juice

a sprinkling of olive oil

salt and pepper

  • Heat an iron grill pad gently to hot.
  • Slice the onions lengthwise fairly thinly–taking care not to include a finger in the process.
  • Put them in a bowl and add the tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Turn the onions over in the oil to coat them nicely.
  • Add a pinch of salt.
  • When the pad is hot, tip the onions over it and spread them out evenly so they all get a chance to char a little.
  • Turn them and rearrange them as they color up and soften.
  • About five to seven minutes should do it but it depends on the grill and how many onions you are cooking at one go.
  • Transfer the onions back to the bowl, sprinkle with salt and pepper, a little more olive oil and the squeeze of lemon juice.

A tasty addition to a lunch plate of left-over roasted red pepper with a poached egg on top…

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