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In 1981  (30 years ago) The AJCN

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

published a paper by Canadian Dr.  David Jenkins  (University of Toronto), which was to have a profound effect on the ability of people living with diabetes to make better choices of what they eat on day to day basis.

It established the Glycemic Index a measure, on the scale of 1 to 100, ranking carbohydrates according to their effect on our blood glucose levels and thus their post-meal impact on a malfunctioning system.

It was followed by the Glycemic Load which is a measure of the impact of the glucose in a single portion of food.

Dr Jenkins is interviewed in the latest newsletter of GI news.

Dr Alan Barclay charts in the same news letter the progress made in studies of GI and GL since 1981 .

GI started a world-wide glucose revolution, he states, as it clearly showed that carbs didn’t affect our blood glucose levels the way we thought they did–freeing people with diabetes from overly restrictive diets.

Despite controversial beginnings, the GI is now widely recognized as a reliable, physiologically based classification of foods according to their postprandial glycemic effect.

I have found the GI and the GL essential guides to everyday eating. Though I now take a pill a day, I credit them with allowing me to control the condition for six years without medication. 

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The GI news [http://ginews.blogspot.com/] arrived yesterday as always on the first of the month.

Diabetes and its treatment through lifestyle and diet, is central to its raison d’etre.

Based in a research unit at the University of Sydney, Australia, it’s an excellent monthly newsletter–easy to sign up for and free.

It includes discussion of current attitudes to health issues related to diet, with the concept of GI–Glycemic Index as a base.

Articles this month include: “Reduced fat intake may reduce diabetes risk without weight loss” and Prof Jennie Brand-Miller, a leading authority on GI, oninsulin sensitivity”.

There ‘s a recipe feature included each month.

Dr Alan Barclay [http://ginews.blogspot.com/2011/07/gi-symbol-news-with-dr-alan-barclay.html], the resident medical expert, expresses his view of the recent study by a research team at Newcastle University in the UK, which was the subject of one of my recent posts [https://robinellisdotnet.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2365&action=edit].

The study had been headlined in the press as a “Cure for Diabetes” through a restricted diet. Dr. Barclay is sceptical.

I enjoy receiving this newsletter  and usually find something helpful in it.

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