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This is sad.

Grapefruit as villain. What a turn-up!

The evidence is strong–grapefruit juice may cause some prescribed drugs to malfunction– in some cases with life threatening effect.

This beautiful oversized “orange”–colored like a lemon.

So sweet–and comes with white or pink interiors.

My parents had half a one each for breakfast, carefully separated into segments with a serrated knife.

The serrated knife with the annoying curve at the end–annoying if you wanted to use it for any other purpose–but satisfying if you hit the joins just right and made a good job of segment separation.

These ’50’s grapefruit put me off! They were white and sour! Sugar required.

A long gap to the haven/heaven of pink grapefruit.

It makes a sweet and comforting wake-up drink.

For years we’d squeeze the juice–half a fruit each–into mugs in the morning and fill  up with boiling water.

But a trip to Florida opened my eyes to the authentic grapefruit experience.

We were in Orlando at Meredith’s parents home.

At the front of the house there were two grapefruit trees–one with white fruit, one pink.

The grapefruit hung from them like enormous coloured canonballs–how could the trees support the weight?!

I was doubtful of the white fruit until I cut one in half and squeezed a little juice into a glass and sipped.

My mouth is watering now with the memory.

That’s how it will have to stay–a glorious memory.

This benign giant of a fruit is no longer benign for some like me who take a daily dose of drugs–hard to accept!

A slice of lemon in hot water with have to suffice.

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