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Fish for lunch?

Fish is an important component of the Mediterranean Diet or Way of Eating—the latter being the subtitle of my book Delicious Dishes for Diabetics, and sustainability is the key word. I don’t believe diets are sustainable and neither is the fishing of certain varieties of fish. The former I’ll leave for a later blog.

It’s Friday and I’m off to Lautrec market to buy some fish for lunch–but what should I buy?

The lists of what to avoid to sustain the stocks vary from place to place (pardon the pun).

Whiting, mackerel, trout, pollack, black bream, lemon sole, sardines feature regularly as sustainable varieties.

Those to avoid include cod, halibut, haddock, hake, sea bass and skate.

Sounds simple, but there are exceptions. It can vary depending on where the fish originates.

Here are three useful sites:

Eat more anchovies, herring & sardines to save the ocean’s fish stocks (The Guardian)

Debate Your Plate: What fish is sustainable?

A guide to eating fish the sustainable way (The Guardian)

Fish on Line

I’ll settle for mackerel today–if they look good. They must be fresh; but they are inexpensive and one of the oily fish varieties–so a healthy option.

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