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Cyril's peril!

It’s always a pleasure to see Cyril.

Every three months I settle back into the chair at his office and relax. I’m not a great fan of my feet and don’t spend much time looking at them. On the other hand–so to speak –I don’t knock them, they’ve always stood me in good stead. I’ve run miles on them and now I walk miles, so thanks feet for standing by me!

In return I try to care for them–visiting Cyril every three months for example.

Looking at feet is a job for Cyril and he is good at it. He’s friendly–patient too as we talk about football–le foot–me in my fractured French and knowing much less than he does about “the beautiful game”.

This morning I notice he has a list of do’s and don’ts for diabetics on the wall of the waiting area. Easy to read and not too long.

  • Don’t walk barefoot indoors or out.
  • Wash your feet daily–but don’t soak them.
  • Dry them well afterwards especially between the toes.
  • Rub them regularly with moisturizing cream.
  • Take care buying shoes–and, interestingly–buy them towards the end of the day. (I guess because they’ll be a bit weary by then and you’ll be better able to judge if the pair you’re trying really fit you.)
Here’s a helpful site for more info…

I ask Cyril if he’d mind being mentioned in my post today.

He says non–as long as he comes out of it well!  He then offers to take before and after photos. “Uh, non merci.”  My feet are camera-shy and might react badly…

Cyril's peril 2

At 26 euros it is 45 minutes well spent. I leave with a spring in my feet and a date in my diary, three months hence.

My mother with Type 1 diabetes went regularly to the chiropodist; now I understand how important it was for her.

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