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That was the debate this morning on Broadcasting House–a favourite Sunday morning magazine program at 9am on BBC Radio 4.

Two opposing views, passionately held by two correspondents.

One can’t tolerate slow walkers and isn’t interested in the journey–just wants to get where she’s heading and finds slow walkers get in her way.

‘Walking is dead time’– she says.

The other thinks slow walking one of life’s great pleasures–helping poets write and thinkers to think.

(And here–helping grandparents spend time with their grandchildren!)

‘The journey is the fun part’ he says ‘life’s an amble’.

Which reminded Meredith of Constantine P Cavafy’s poem Ithaca.

I used think like the fast walker–about walking in general–that it all took too long.

I jogged–it was faster–over quicker and I could get on with other things.

Now I walk fast, power walk I supposenasty phrase.

Not to get where I’m going faster but to exercise the heart, burn up calories, and keep in shape.

And I do find it refreshes the mind as well as the body.

Walking slow I enjoy in company; chatting and strolling make good partners.

WALKING-an anthology; please add to it at your will..!

Walk tall.

Walk on the wild side.

Walk on!

Walk–don’t run!




Walking the gangplank.

Walking wounded.

Walking the line.

Walking a fine line.

The long walk.

‘I’m walking backwards for Christmas’--Goon Show 

song in the fifties.

The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Walking back to happiness’–Helen Shapiro

hit song in the sixties.

Walk the Walk–Talk the Talk.


The boardwalk.

The catwalk.


“Doing the Lambeth walk”

Johnny Walker

red or black…

Walk fast or slow…

But do–WALK!! 


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