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Ever since the new kitchen hob and the extractor fan went in over two years ago the fan hasn’t worked.

So grilling and frying on top of the stove has been a smelly business, to be avoided if we’re eating in the kitchen.

I only discovered it wasn’t working when a friend informed me. I just thought it wasn’t very efficient.

Gilbert Caminade, our carpenter, said he’d had one fitted that worked too well; it threatened to suck up everything in his new kitchen and the adjacent living room as well!  I didn’t have that problem.

I put up with it–as one does–for far too long, until this morning, when Jean Louis, the electrician, arrived to fix a few things and to investigate why the wretched fan was en panne (broken down).

He turned it on, scratched his head and went outside to check the outlet. I left him to it. A little while later he came back into the kitchen with a rolled up piece of plastic in his right hand. “Ca marche maintenant?” I asked. (Does it work?)

Ooh–c’était une grande panne!” he replied, with a broad smile, implying it had been a difficult job and held up the piece of plastic.

The person fitting the fan on Christmas Eve two years ago, in his hurry to get the job done for us, had left a wad of  plastic wrapping wedged in the outlet, which had blocked the extraction of air ever since.

I put my hand under the fan and nothing seemed different– “Ooh ça marche” said Jean-Louis reassuringly, “mais pas assez d’enlever une perruque!” (Not enough to lift a wig!)

The offending wad!

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