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It’s hot here and there’s not much incentive to go anywhere, even to the Friday market in Lautrec–to pick up a fish.

There are two left over stuffed peppers in the fridge that are ageing well!


And three little gem lettuces under wraps.

So–stay home and…

Gently heat through the peppers and free-up the crisp baby gem (sucrine) lettuces.

Discard the outer layers–quarter, wash and spin them and spread them on a pretty plate.

Scatter over slivers of red onion, some juicy black olives (optional) and a few anchovy pieces.

Dress with a swirl or two of best olive oil–our friend Keith’s wonderful Tuscan oil (http://www.boggioli.com/)–a couple of pinches of sea salt and a shake of the red wine vinegar bottle.

To continue the olive oil theme and with fond memories of my first taste of food cooked in extra virgin–for that’s what it must have been back then in 1953 in Lloret del Mar


–I fry an egg each, in more of Keith’s oil.

Please, nobody tell him I used it for cooking though!

We sit outside in the heat, cooled by a breeze, with a glass of crisp pink toasting my parents–intrepid Molly and Tony–for bravely taking me and brother Peter to Spain’s Brava coast, an amazing sixty years ago.

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