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…the book!

an early chapter introduction...

with one of the twelve lovely sketches in the book by our friend Hope James–and…

... a seasonal recipe.

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…though not so lazy for our neighbouring farmer, Pierre.

I watch him from the bench in the tomato patch, performing an elegant tractor ballet routine in the shorn field opposite  as he collects and neatly stacks the rectangular hay bales.

First the “chug, chug, chug,” of a tractor as he arrives on stage, pulling an empty trailer behind.

He drives off in the “work-a-day” car he’s left overnight in the half-finished field.

Five minutes later (a long wait for the audience!) he’s back with a second tractor, fitted with a fork lift.

The ballet commences.

Forward approach with the fork lift tractor and spear the bale–forward again to the next.

Carefully lower the speared bale on top and back off–forward again lowering the fork, spear the second bale, lift the two and turn towards the tractor with the trailer, lower the two speared bales and retreat.

Turn and repeat until the trailer is full.

Change tractors and drive off slowly with the spoils on board and the sun still shining with the prospect of well fed cows in the barn this winter.

The “audience” leaves with a couple of ripe tomatoes in the empty breakfast bowl.

The tractor with the fork lift is left wondering what it did wrong as it stands alone “on stage”.

Act two for the watcher–checking out the leftovers in the fridge for a lazy Monday lunch.

Plenty to choose from and two ripe tomatoes….

Act threelazy Monday siesta!



An advance copy of the COOKBOOK arrived in the post today!


Grand Finale!?

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