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Lyn and Ernie's cherries

….neighbourlyness too!

Our cherry tree upped and suddenly died a month ago.

The poor thing had not been well for a couple of years–it was attacked by an interior blight, leaving an open wound.

It still came up with the goods, yielding a good harvest of ruby red cherries each year.

There were always more than we could deal with, though the birds helped out–there’s a limit to how many clafoutis* you can eat!

Remarkably it flowered this year in the early spring and we were hopeful for another year. It was not to be.

This morning our neighbour Lyn arrived with a large bag of cherries from their tree.

(*Clafoutis–a baked dessert of cherries arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter. Not ideal for diabetics!)

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