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…heralding my new book, Healthy Eating for Life!

(My first book  Delicious Dishes for Diabetics is alive and well and readily available.)

Healthy Eating for Life is published by Constable and Robinson,  on January 8th, 2014– and is available for pre-order. If you’d like a signed copy and live near London, I’ll be at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill on Thursday, January 16th, from 4pm-5pm. (If you can make it to Books for Cooks, please reserve your book with them ahead of time.)

From the Intro:

“Healthy eating for life”

What’s this?

Sounds like something handed down by a crusty old judge–a life sentence of eating humble pie for past sins.

“Prisoners at the bar, you have sinned most grievously, eating too much of the wrong stuff for too long. Bad habits must be punished! I therefore have no alternative but to sentence you to—HEALTHY EATING–FOR LIFE—take them down!”


But NO! Emphatically no!

This book is not promoting a diet of worms, grapefruit or any of the strict rule-ridden diets that are so guilt-inducing and hard to stick with.

It’s a book for people who love good food and enjoy cooking it or at least are willing to try. All manner of food, cooked in all manner of ways—a balanced diet, avoiding extremes.

“No one is born a great cook one learns by doing.”–Julia Child

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