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I’m discovering that blogging can become addictive.

We are in London for a week and I’m not cooking–so my source material is limited and I’m finding it difficult and frustrating.

I’m having blog withdrawal symptoms!

This is not reasonable I know.

London is coming out of winter fast and looks beautiful.

A willow tree close to the river in Chiswick was a cascade of bright fresh green and a large grey heron was sunning himself on the river bank.

Every morning there are new blossoms out.

We were driving north on Devonshire Place towards Regent’s Park just now when Meredith started singing–

“I’ve often walked down this street before;
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before.”

It was the emerging cherry blossom  both sides of the street that evoked the feeling of Freddie Eynseford-Hill’s joy filled ode to Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady!

Primrose Hill was covered with lunchtime picnickers and it’s not the end of March yet, though the clocks go forward tomorrow.

Nevertheless reasonableness doesn’t come into it and in spite of being spoiled with some good theatre and meals with friends, I still felt a dish of cold turkey was all there’d be for lunch!

I eased the pain by enquiring about pollack, in the well run fish shop on Gloucester Avenue.

The friendly French owner gave me the french name–lieu jaune, which I remember seeing on the stalls back home.

It’s a member of the cod family and a sustainable alternative to other white fish. Its resurfacing, so to speak, is not uncontroversial though.

They were out of it, but he recommended coley instead.

Tonight I shall cook FISH.

Phew–withdrawal of symptoms!

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