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I’d bought fish fillets today for lunch–but wasn’t sure what to do with them–spice ’em up?–have ’em in tomato sauce?–season ’em well, grill ’em and eat them with little gem lettuce and spring onions?

Meredith arrived with ripe avocadoes and a firm penchant for an avocado salad with spring onions, lettuce, lightly sautéed bacon bits, a few juicy black olives and a poached egg on top—-AND she was offering to make it–no contest, win-win, I thought!

poached egg and dressing to come!

and so it was.

I drizzled some of our best olive oil over the crisp looking salad with a sprinkling of salt; while Meredith added a spoonful or two of the everyday dressing (see below) to hers–and that was lunch.

Gives me time to think what to do tomorrow with the fillets resting in the fridge.

Everyday vinaigrette (from Delicious Dishes for Diabetics)

1 clove garlic–pulped with a pinch of salt

1 tblsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp dijon mustard

6 tblsps olive oil

  •  mix the first three ingredients thoroughly
  • add the olive oil and whisk to a viscous delight

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a crunchy winter salad

The lettuce in Castres market this morning were small and expensive, but I found two good-looking fennel bulbs to act as a salad base for lunch.

Having removed the tough outer layers and the tops of the bulbs, I halved them and laid the cut sides down flat, sliced them finely and put them in a bowl.

I added a finely-sliced stick of  celery, half a small red onion, finely sliced (of course it’s a matter of taste how finely or otherwise you like your raw vegetables sliced!),

and the chopped flesh of a ripe avocado. Over this, I sprinkled a generous tablespoon of dry roasted  sunflower seeds.

(If I’d had radishes, they’d have gone in for taste and colour.)

I added some flat parsley leaves for a deeper green colour.

Shavings of Parmesan cheese over the top finished it off.

I dressed it with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard,  salt and pepper, whisked together.

It passed muster with The Taster in Chief (aka Meredith), which is more than can be said for the very fresh herring that I had rather messily filleted and fried.

I thought they were delicious–  still too bony for Meredith, which I understand.

I’ll try again, though, because herring are healthy and sustainable.

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