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Keith's bleu "hot rod"--2CV

Last week, by one of those lovely serendipities, I came across the site “A Taste of Garlic”.

My appetite/interest was whetted–any good Lautrecois’ would be, (L’ail rose [pink garlic] de Lautrec has its own appellation controllée)– by the title, and tickled by the lights-flashing exhaust-puffing 2CV logo.

Indeed this extra-ordinary site’s founder and inspiration–Keith Eckstein,  a Cornish polymath--is passionate about garlic and a lot else besides: Elvis, football (soccer), Johnny Depp, mushrooms, pigs, Johnny Halliday, IT support and web design, writing, reading and so on.

He writes delightful funny pieces and promotes other peoples books and blogs.

“Here, at  A Taste of Garlic, I review, share and promote other people’s Life in France experiences.”

I contacted him and, belying the laid back “deux chevaux” image, he’s a speedy worker.

A few days later he published an interview with me and today he writes a witty and comprehensive review of the blog.

Merci beaucoup–Keith!

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