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One of those mornings.

Dead mouse in my shoe, a present from Ben–the kitten.

Spotted it just in time–no squelch or scream!

Thanks Ben!

Blue sky, bright sunshine–finches feasting on the bird table and window ledges, laden with the sunflower seeds I bought yesterday.

A walk before breakfast–feeling virtuous. Catching up on stuff on the computer–checking out the progress of yesterday’s news, e-mail, blog.

Finish breakfast–tick-tock, tick-tock…BLOCK!

Well, that’s it then–day done!

No! no!

What’s for lunch?–for instance. Omelette again?–(always the fall back)–really?

Sit staring–no idea–no ideas! Not feeling much like doing anything.

Lie down for a minute or two–yes, yes.

Nice, nice–aaah…

Movement–tick-tock, tick-tock, thoughts unblock….

There are those three large fennel bulbs I bought in the market yesterday–just before the sunflower seeds.

Fennel salad? with parmesan shavings–could be.

Could try that anchovy dressing we had yesterday on the escarole lettuce–delicious.

Anchovy and fennel?–umm…not sure.

Check out recipes.

Fennel and orange salad–could do with the peeled oranges in the fridge…

Fennel  gratin?–YES! Lovely!

ACTION STATIONS! Wheels turning–relief.

Get going.

3 large fennel bulbs–outer leaves removed and sliced vertically, then slices halved

2oz/50gms smoked or unsmoked bacon–diced small

2oz/50gms parmesan cheese–grated

3 tbls wholewheat breadcrumbs

salt and pepper

olive oil

set oven to 220C/450F

Steam the fennel slices until they are tender.

Gently sauté the bacon bits until they color a little.

Oil the base of a thick gratin dish–I use a medium La Creuset.

Cover with a layer of fennel.

Sprinkle with some of the bacon and parmesan and season lightly.

Repeat the process until you have used all the fennel.

Mix together the remaining cheese and breadcrumbs (grate more parmesan if needed).

Cover the top of the gratin with this mixture.

Trickle some olive oil round the edge of the dish and back and forth–criss-crossing the top.


Put the dish on the top shelf of the oven for twenty minutes–you could check it after fifteen.

Take it out of the oven and let it settle for ten minutes.



Now what?!

The moral of the tale: don’t panic!

(I notice–after lunch–that I posted a version of Fennel au gratin 3 months ago–but this one is different–with bacon added).

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